Arnie’s Tzedakah Adventures

Fun! Inspirational ! Educational!

What would it be like to meet a real hero?

Someone like Mr. Miyagi (from The Karate Kid), Pippi Longstocking and Disney’s more recent Moana (Vaiana) ?

Someone who is a Giant in making the world a better place to be?

Imagine spending an hour with a Nobel Prize winner of Life itself.

This is your opportunity to do so.

“Tzedakah” means “doing the right thing”, and the people you will meet are certainly doing the right thing. And they are doing it efficiently and effectively.

The Tzedakah Adventures in Israel includes an educational piece BOTH about why we do Tzedakah and how we do Tzedakah, meeting with two or three Mitzvah heroes (those Giants referred to above), as well as participating in a hands-on social action activity…and more.

Each adventure is tailor-made for you, your family, or your group based on your specific interests and topics of choice (hunger, animals, teens at risk, elders, immigrants, etc.).

Click to read about some of my favorite Mitzvah heroes, but know that there are about 60-70 in Israel that you can choose from!

A sample itinerary of Tzedakah Places of Interest might include:

  • Breakfast discussion about Tzedakah (in accordance with the background and focus of the individuals participating)
  • Screening of a 10-minute video clip about Mitzvah heroes
  • Meeting Linda Mosek of Click and participate in a workshop with the elders (make arts and crafts projects, entertain the elders, and more);
  • Meeting Avshalom Beni, of HAMA ISRAEL, Israel’s foremost animal assisted therapist, “play” with the dogs and cats and see how advanced therapy takes place
  • Heading back to Jerusalem to meet with Robbie Sasoon, director of Crossroads Center – where over 1000 English speaking teens come for help each year.

The cost for a day of Tzedakah Adventures is $350 per group (half-day is $250). The price does not include transportation. – (That will be arranged as necessary.)

For those who prefer, I also offer a Walking Tzedakah Adventure, in Jerusalem. Either downtown or in the Old City, meeting some great Mitzvah heroes and really seeing who are the people in your neighborhood – the people that you meet each day!

NO SOLICITATIONS – This is strictly an educational experience! All adventures include many Tzedakah insights, presented in various formats (video, textual, handouts, flash cards and more!)

For more details, please be in touch: Arnie Draiman – – 972-50-515-6776.