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Cited as Tzedakah Expert:


Haaretz (English), New 'Madoff' Scandal Feared as Jewish Hedge Fund Execs Charged in $1 Billion Ponzi Scheme , December 2016


Jewish Week, Supporting the Israel Border Patrol, December 2015


USA Today, Donations in Israel for Rosh Hashana, September 2014


I-Point Media, Israel Advocacy on Social Media, October 2012


Cleveland Jewish News, Teddy Bears Make Aliyah!, November 2010


Tzedakah Conference with Danny Siegel, e-jewish philanthropy, 2009




with Josh Hasten, January 2015: On YouTube and from Breaking Israel News


with Lorelai Kude, Radio Free Nachlaot, May 2011:


Arnie's Tzedakah Adventures, Putting Off the Ritz, December 2010


Tzedakah Adventures at Midreshet Moriah, Annual Consultant


Tzedakah Adventures for the Sebban Family, Sydney, Australia


Israel News Talk Radio, Interviewed by Tamar Yonah, about my years on the Chevra Kaddisha Burial Society, (my segment is from 17:00 - 27:54), May 2018


Fun Stuff:


"Arnie Draiman takes perhaps the greatest IDF photo in history", June 2014:


JNS, Conservative movement alumni draw red line on anti-Israel rhetoric, June 2018


The Forward, My views on moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, May 2018


Hadassah Magazine, Cheesecake Factory in Israel, May 2018


World Israel News, What Israelis are hoping for in 2018, January 1, 2018


The Media Line, Arnie and Team Israel, in Major League Baseball's "World Baseball Classic", March 2017


USA Today, Arnie and the Mayor of Jerusalem, February 2015


Having an event? Want people to donate to a worthwhile place? Check out what Rona and Aaron did! (Only places which meet my rigorous criteria!)


Third Time, Ice Cream, January 2013


Local Producer for Portraits in Faith, with Daniel Epstein


USA Today, Arnie and President Obama, March 2013


New York Times, Real Estate in Jerusalem, December 2006


The Jewish Week, Living in Har Homa, December 2007


Jerusalem Municipality, Neighborhood Review by Arnie


Globe and Mail, From Hi-Tech to Tzedakah, April 2001


Not Page One, a column by Sam Orbaum (z"l), about eluna and my restaurant reviews!, October 1999


Jill Rogoff


My Own Thoughts: When Giving Tzedakah is a Criminal Offense


Book Dedications:


1,000 Mitzvahs: How Small Acts of Kindness Can Heal, Inspire, and Change, by Linda Cohen


Tzedakah: A Time for Change, by Danny Siegel


Bar and Bat Mitzvah in Israel: The Ultimate Family Sourcebook, by Judith Isaacson, Deborah Rosenbloom




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-- Proud to be among the founders of the Israel Association of Professional Fundraisers

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-- As representative of Hands on Tzedakah, meeting with the mayor and municipal staff of Ashkelon

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