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My Favorite Mitzvah Heroes


Some of my favorite Mitzvah heroes and non-profits, most with website links:

  • Shachen Tov (Good Neighbor Association) started and run by students of Hebrew University, providing food
  • Jenna Elbaz and Shaked Karp of My Piece of the Puzzle - having high school kids at risk work with special needs kids and well, magic happens to both population groups!
  • Dr. David Portowicz, Jaffa Institute, at risk kids in the poorest sections of Tel Aviv, Jaffa, and Holon
  • Yael Barlev, Galila - working with anything and everything in northern Israel
  • Judy Singer of Matnat Chaim - Israel's foremost organization regarding kidney donations.
  • Yehuda Kohn, Beit Elazraki, a real home to 250+ kids who can't live with their parents/families
  • Crossroads, outreach to English-speaking street kids
  • Reut Sderot, our main contact for taking care of needs in the Gaza border town of Sderot
  • Alice Jonah, old Diplomat Hotel, working with elderly Russians and their needs
  • Avshalom Beni, HAMA ISRAEL, Israel's foremost animal assisted therapist
  • Beth and Miriam, Shutaf, the best at inclusion for typical and non-typical kids
  • Rabbanit Kapach's family who continues to provide food for hungry people
  • If you want to accomplish anything related to Tzedakah and Hessed in these cities, let me know. We have developed relationships that allow us to work directly and with no overhead: Netanya, Asheklon, Sderot, Gedera, and Shlomi
  • Phyllis Heimowitz, IDF girlfriends, a non-profit that works with girlfriends (and boyfriends) of IDF soldiers who have fallen
  • Miriam Freier, Shalheveth, providing independent housing for people with physical disabilities
  • Moshe Kot, Lev Ramot, providing food to families in need
  • Linda Mosek, Click, working with elders who are producing arts and crafts kits for sale - in addition, there are programs for Shoah survivors and others
  • Harel - mechanic and owner of a garage/body shop, but that's only his day job....
  • Channa - working with injured soldiers and their families
  • Zehava - feeding 7 families
  • We also work with those familes in need from the Jerusalem border patrol unit - giving the soldier some piece of mind that his/her family is taken care of

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