Internet Solutions and Web Design


DRAIMAN CONSULTING GROUP are experts at maintaining websites for the small and independent businessman and woman. Dozens of satisfied clients have used our services.

We can design, program, write and edit copy and content, and teach you how to take care of your website yourself – saving you time and trouble in the future!

And, the DRAIMAN CONSULTING GROUP offers you the fastest and most professional Internet Research Team. Anything you need to know, we know how to get it.

We work mainly on private enterprise websites (for the small business sector, including self-employed individuals, like speakers, comedians, ceramic and paint artists, writers and authors) as well as non-profit websites. Significant experience in social online media including writing and editing of Wikipedia articles, creating full Facebook pages and groups, maintaining Twitter accounts, Blogs, and more.

For more details, please be in touch: Arnie Draiman – – 972-50-515-6776.