Philanthropic Consulting

DRAIMAN CONSULTING GROUP primarily serves individual donors and philanthropists, family foundations, Tzedakah funds – anyone interested in giving his or her money away wisely. We are directly responsible for doing the due diligence necessary and for maintaining constant contact with recipients. After due research and analysis, we will offer you a recommendation as to whether or not funding is appropriate.

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We will work with you to make the absolutely most efficient and effective use of your Tzedakah money. It is your right and your responsiblity to insure that your Tzedakah money is doing the best Tikkun Olam (making the world a better place) that it can.

Rav JB Soloveitchik felt that the mitzvah of giving Tzedakah is one of only two mitzvot where being “machmeer” (more strict than necessary) is “highly advisable.” (as quoted in Rabbi Aaron Adler’s new book Seventy Conversations in Transit, OU Press, Urim Publishers, 2021, p.157).

How much better would the Jewish world be if we could apply the same obsessive-compulsiveness to tzedakah that we do to cleaning for Pesach?” — BZ, “Mah Rabu” Blogspot.

Kind words about Arnie:

“You showed me your thoroughness, objectivity and professionalism. I will absolutely refer others to you.”

“Arnie has brought us some remarkable projects, and has done an incredible job getting us the ‘truth’ on others.”

“All amounts of money, small and large, when they are spent wisely and creatively, can bring amazing benefit — and that’s where you excel!! Kol Hakavod!!”

“You’ve given us a real lift that there are always ways of making things happen. If that’s what mitzvah work is really about, I think it’s pretty cool and so are you.”

“Thank you so much again for your help and patience. Making yourself available for me as you just did is really going above and beyond – just know that it is deeply appreciated and that the knowledge that you passed on will be put to use.”

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