Social Media/Online Giving

Make yourself known and available online

I offer the following services:

  • Online Giving Opportunities
  • Planned Giving Programs Online
  • Social Media (including Facebook, Twitter and Blogging)
  • Wikipedia Entries
  • Google Advertising Programs
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Online Giving — get listed in the top online giving websites and portals in the United States and elsewhere. Cost: approximately 150NIS + VAT per listing (depends on actual site requirements and readiness/clarity of material presented) —- Also, online giving via Twitter, Facebook and more.

Planned Giving: adding all of the information for Planned Giving to your website (stocks, bonds, corporate giving, charitable trusts, etc.).
Cost: 700NIS + VAT for a set of pages tailor–made for your organization

Social Networking creating an online Social Networking presence — Facebook, Blogging, Twitter, Wikipedia and more

Facebook — Basic Set Up: (need unique, new email address). Cost to create Facebook presence (Friend, Group, Cause): 700NIS + VAT

Facebook — Custom Designed Fan/Group Page: Similar to designing a website (and can be used instead of one!), a customized Facebook fan page gives you 4–5 branded webpages for any subject you wish to promote (About Us, Donate Now, Video Clips, Top Tips, etc.). 1950NIS + VAT

Facebook — Daily Maintenance — (average 5x per week) — status updates, group updates, cause updates, events, write and post notes, post pictures and videos, poke and more: 1950NIS/month + VAT

Blog — Cost to create: 700NIS + VAT

Blog — Cost to maintain (daily — average 5x per week) — 1950NIS/month + VAT

Twitter — Create and maintain a Twitter account — 1200NIS/month + VAT —— Learn about Twollars: Twitter’s way of raising funds.

Wikipedia — I am a very experienced Wikipedia editor, with many new entries accepted for publication. Cost for creating new entry and submission: 750NIS + VAT (provided you supply the relevant material. The fee is higher if I need to supply it).

Google Adwords —- a paid service, uses key words so that anyone typing in ‘x’ in Google, will find you, if you own that word.
Cost: To Be Determined

Google Adsense —- showing Google ads on your website, and receiving payment for every time someone clicks through
Cost: To Be Determined

SEO — search engine optimization — Upgrading your Website (Code and Text) from a Fundraising point of view (without changing very much!). Getting listed higher and better in Google and Yahoo
Cost: To Be Determined (Based on size of website and total amount of work involved)

For more details, please be in touch: Arnie Draiman — — +972–50–515–6776.