What to Bring to Israel

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Some people may ask why you should bother to shlep things to Israel …after all, doesn’t the economy need stimulation and shouldn’t we just bring our money and buy these things there?

The answer is not so simple.

The truth is that many non-profits that are working on the front lines are not getting the funding they need and by your bringing these items with you, you are allowing them to use their funds for other immediate needs.

Also, for example, certain items like toiletries and school supplies are
expensive in Israel, not to mention that the quality found for other items in the U.S. is preferred.

The items to bring are listed below, by groups.
While you can certainly feel free to mix and match between groups, it is much easier for us if you bring the items pre-separated by group.They will be delivered in this fashion (and we wouldn’t want the dental clinic getting the candy, right?)

Contact us to arrange pick-up and/or delivery.
For HAMA-IL – Israel’s foremost animal assisted therapy program

  • Clavamox 250mg and 500mg
  • Deramaax or Rimadyl
  • Droncit spot on
  • Dontral Plus
  • Drontal Cat – 25 tablets
  • Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control for large and small dogs
  • Advantix >55lbs dogs – 4 packs of 6 tubes
  • Consil
  • #1 All Systems Dog Shampoo for white dogs and black dogs.
  • any of these #1 All Systems products at this link — it is very important that it be this brand due to quality control issues and safety for the animals.
  • Pyrantel Pamoate syrup (might be named “combantrin”) – impossible to find in Israel and very important for deworming small puppies and kittens.
  • Intestinal worm control
  • “Show leads” (leashes) of different colors including black for small dogs are always needed. Children and their friends can make such leads
    and bring them or send them to HAMA.
    For programs dealing with kids:
    Arts and Crafts for 50 kids and 10 teens
    Stickers, buttons, sequins, beads
    Crayola markers, oil crayons, permanent markers
    Felt and other material
    Fabric markers, fabric paints, fabric dyes, food coloring
    Holiday themed projects (Hanukah, Pesach) kits for dolls, pillows, wallets, etc.
    Acrylic paints and brushes in different sizes
    Adaptive Equipment – pens, markers and drawing tools designed for kids with motor issues
    Music Making for a group of 12 kids, 6 staff
    Cooperative Games
    Parachute – large-size
    Lego and Playmobil for quiet play
  • School supplies for children and teens in need: pens, pencils, colored pens and pencils, markers, erasers, small rulers (only if they have centimeters on them), pencil cases, colored paper, constructions paper, backpacks, crayons.
  • Board Games and other toys are expensive here. So, how about bringing along Kerplunk, Chess, Backgammon, Mancalla, Uno, Lego, Barbie dolls (and her outifts!), playing cards,
  • Stuffed animals, Beanie Babies (new or very gently used) for distribution in hospitals and to kids everywhere
    For DVI – Dental Volunteers for Israel
  • Dental supplies for children being treated at DVI – a free children’s dental clinic – floss, children’s toothbrushes, small toothpastes, rubber gloves.
  • Women’s pantyhose and knee hi’s in a variety of sizes; colors: black, nude, white, gray.* Women’s full slips and half slips, warm robes and nightgowns* Women’s and men’s briefs—all sizes.* Tights for Women (Medium and Large sizes/dark colors)* Socks for Infants, Children, Men, Women (multi-packs, white sport and dark dress socks)* Infant pj’s, one piece terry or cotton outfits, onesies.
    – for care packages for people in need* Small travel supplies: little deodorants, little shampoos, soaps, sunscreen, little shaving creams, little hand creams, (all of these should be sorted by type and all of one type placed in Zip-Loc bags) toothpaste, toothbrushes, disposable razors, etc. NO AEROSOLS. These MUST be small sample size bottles and MUST be unopened. They will be used by soldiers who are out on the front-lines, so think small and portable!* Men’s undershirts (t-shirt, round-neck style, medium and large, short sleeve, white), long underwear-tops and bottoms-white (medium, large) for soldiers.* Packages of hard candies (kosher) and small bags or tubes of M&M’s (pocket size) for care packages for people in need
  • Used and new eyeglasses, or frames without the lenses – for a non-profit clinic
  • Women’s wigs- used or new, excellent condition (for women undergoing cancer treatment)
    — for survivors of terror attacks, and/or Righteous Gentiles living in Israel
  • Storage containers for kitchen things.
  • Towels, sleeping bags, kids’ cartoon sheets.
  • Creams & lotions; perfume; nail polish;
  • Knitted or crocheted items; small crafts made by adults or children.
  • Sponge – with a long handle so that the legs and back can be washed without bending
  • Bathmat – the bath mat prevents slipping in the bath and fits in a standard bathtub
  • Sock helper – this is a one of a kind thing – lets you put your foot into a sock without having to pull (like a big funnel)
  • Shoe horn – the shoe horn has a longer handle so shoes can be put on without bending and on the other end has a back scratcher (handy if you have an itch in the middle of your back of bottom of your leg)
  • Hand extension – it comes in one length as far as I know and has an easy grip at the top that you squeeze and then pick up stuff on the floor, or even change a light bulb
  • Medicine pill box – for a whole week and has compartments for medication up to 4 times a day (ie 7 x 4 mini compartments that hold pills). it is demarcated by morning, noon evening and night (unfortunately in English is ok).
    NOTE: All items in “Group H” are relatively inexpensive (under $10) and most can be found in dollar stores and the like.

The thing to remember most is—if you wouldn’t use it, chances are someone else wouldn’t either. All clothing mentioned above should be new.
PACKING TIPS:Place all toiletries in zip-lock bags– in case of spillage you will be glad you did!

Remember: The groupings above are how you should pack your items so that there is no sorting nightmare on the receiving end. Packing them in supermarket plastic bags is effective and easy.

If you are not leaving your second bag behind to be donated (which you should feel free to do – they are needed), just add a couple of large, heavy plastic bags to the suitcase so you can easily remove everything you have brought and place it in the plastic bags that will be turned over to the organizations.

You will receive instructions about when and where to bring these bags during your trip.

Of course, Tzedakah cash is always welcome and can be used to buy items locally!

Thank you for turning your trip into a Mitzvah trip!
For more details, please be in touch: Arnie Draiman – ajdraiman@gmail.com – 972-50-515-6776.